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Think of your favourite TV detective drama. Now replace the central character with you. That’s The Detective Society.

The Detective Society delivers a package to your door each month, filled to the brim with incredible puzzles and an exciting, intricate plot. You can play by yourself, with your partner or with a team of your friends or colleagues.

Each six-package season creates a deep, immersive, narrative-driven world for you to explore, all from the comfort of your own home. 

Everything you need to complete each package will be included inside: you’ll need to solve fiendish puzzles, decipher cryptic codes and use your powers of deduction to figure out how to solve the case.


But you don’t just interact with the physical items in the package - a complex digital world will sprawl out in front of you, requiring you to investigate the lives of the characters and interact with them via SMS, email and online messenger services.

Think of it as a TV show meets an escape room meets the internet.

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