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Welcome to online guide for Puzzle While You Drink @ Escape Bar West

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Second Section

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First Section

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1. Envelope X

What am I trying to do? - You’re trying to get a number. Trace the route you took on the train.

Where do I start from? - You start from Derby.

Where do I go second? - Bristol Parkway.

Which airport do I go to third? - Heathrow Airport.

Who are the Boys from Up the Hill? - Oxford.

Which is the airport with the quickest flights to Chambery? - Southampton

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2. Envelope Y

Right type of explosive - you're looking for the explosive that is 9.5m away.

Right Hertz level - you're looking for ON switches which add up to 210 in total

Right Battery level - the battery level should be no more than 10 higher or 10 lower than 79 ((4 x distance) + (hertz level ÷ 4)) 

Right Battery level - have a look at the fire safety report

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3. Envelope Z

What's the deal with this dice? - The dice is weighted. The answer is the number that you roll most often.


I can't work out what it's weighted to? - Drop it into a glass of water. It’ll always show the right answer.

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4. Opening the Padlock

How does it work? - Put the number from the bomb puzzle after the number from the train puzzle. For example, if you got the number 1 from the train puzzle, and the number 234 from the train puzzle, you would get the four digit number 1234.
Then divide this number by the number you got from the dice puzzle. For example, if you got the answer 2, you would divide 1234 by 2, giving you 617. You would then enter 617 into the lock.

Second Section

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1. Getting Started

What she wears - Try visiting Claire’s linked in page to see if you can find a way to contact her assistant.

Location - Try using those phone records to map out where Claire’s weekly schedule takes her.

Companion - Try looking at that dossier on her family to construct a family tree.

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2. Telling Claire what to wear


You need to leave a voicemail on Claire’s assistant’s phone, pretending to be her aunt, asking her to wear something red next Wednesday.
Firstly, you need to find the phone number of Claire’s assistant. Try looking at Claire’s business card.
On Claire’s LinkedIn you’ll see her email address, alongside a message saying that if you email Claire, her assistant will likely respond.
When you email Claire, her assistant does indeed respond, giving their name
Use the phone logs to discover the assistant’s phone number
Finally, you need to look at the dossier on Claire’s family to find out her aunt is called Natasha and speaks with a Scottish accent, so make sure you do a good impression when you leave the voicemail.

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3. Finding out Claire's location


When you read the email you get back from Claire’s assistant you discover that her normal schedules on Wednesday and Friday have been swapped. Therefore she will be carrying out her usual Friday routine on the Wednesday.
You know from the note that the intercept location has to be within one mile of the embassy. There is only location Claire normally visits on a Friday, which is within one mile of the Molvarian embassy.

Anchor 8
4. Finding out who Claire's companion will be


The voicemail of her assistant states that they will be away next week and instead she will be assisted by her eldest cousin. Look at the family dossier.

Third Section

Anchor 9
1. Decoding the Message

The coded message uses a shift cipher. The code is the name of the person who was mean to receive this package. You discover the code when you receive the reply to sending the correct answer.
The name reveals that the cipher shifts every letter by:
5 places. So, A becomes F, B becomes G

Anchor 10
2. Finding the location


Look around the bar for that record.
Once you find it scan the QR code with your phone

Anchor 11
3. Finding the password

Assemble the 6 notes you have received throughout that game. Each one is numbered.
The first letter of each note is in bold.
By putting those 6 bolded letters in order you get the password.

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Envelope X

The answer is 4.

Anchor 13
Envelope Y

The answer is 242 - the number in the sequence where the lines intersect.

Anchor 14
Envelope Z

The answer is 6.

Anchor 15
Opening the Padlock

The answer is 707 - 4242 divided by 6.

Anchor 16
Claire's location

The answer is HAIRDRESSER.

Anchor 17
Claire's companion

The answer is KIRSTY COLLINS.

Anchor 18
Decoded message

The message reads:


Anchor 19
Website password

The answer is HEARSE

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